There’s a new voice in pop music that has critics buzzing in excitement and eager fans lending their support. A truly fresh voice, young singer December Rose is the missing sound that the pop music industry has been looking for, bringing a rarely found passion, natural talent and charismatic devotion to the art of creating real, heartfelt music. December’s ardent dedication to developing herself as a serious artist is paying off, as the industry and the world is taking notice of this beautiful young vocalist, and her career continues to rapidly take off.

Born in Montreal, December Rose is and has always been a Canadian, but her ambition for her career in music has taken her beyond Canadian borders to expose her talents to a growing number of supportive fans. December’s music has proven to be easy to relate to for fans, maintaining memorable melodies that carry emotionally evoking lyrics. Her songs transcend international borders, pulling in listeners from all over with a reoccurring strong sense of unifying acceptance.

Musically inclined from her earliest years, December Rose’s childhood lent her to be active in community and church performances, always jumping at the chance to be creatively expressive. Growing up, she pursued all opportunities to find an outlet for her creative passions, devoted to honing her musical abilities while developing herself as an artist. As her interests in music have grown into an inevitable career choice, December has nurtured a stunning natural vocal talent that has enabled her to step up as a viable contender for becoming the next big star in pop music.

Drawing from her personal experiences, December’s music is inspired by relationships in family, friends and romance, making her music effectively moving, yet it is her unique, sterling vocal abilities that truly set her apart from other young aspiring artists. Her strong, soulful voice elicits comparisons between the young artist and super star vocalist Adele. Through her singing, the listener is pulled in to feel December’s passionate creative expression, experiencing an uplifting sense of harmony.

Having already recorded and collaborated with some of the most well-respected producers and songwriters in the industry, December is always working towards her ultimate goal of becoming an established, renowned musician. Her musical resume boasts a list of credits working with some top names in the industry, and her talent speaks for itself, continuing to prove her worthy of serious attention.

Always keeping busy, December never relents in her pursuits of a lasting career as a music artist, yet still finds time to engage in volunteer work and be an active member of her community. Still a down-to-earth, hardworking and inspired individual, December is a friendly, charismatic and approachable person. But unlike her peers, her voice and music stakes her as an outstanding, unique young artist with a great deal of passion and intention to offer the world. December has just recently become known to the industry, but there is no question that this truly talented artist will be an unforgettable voice for many years to come.

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A Little About Me:

Birthday: December 20th 1992

Hometown: Montreal-Quebec Canada

Inspirations: Adele, Michael Bublé, Lady Gaga

Favorite Quotes:

-”Live, Love, and Laugh.”

-”Success is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.” Thomas A. Edison

-”Individually we are one drop, together we are an ocean.”

-”A successful person is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks that others throw at him.”


2 thoughts on “Bio

  1. We heard December Rose this evening at “The Side Door Cafe” and we loved her performance !
    She has a nice stage presence and is vocally rich, light and inspiring.
    Here’s to a young woman who will no doubt touch the hearts of many.
    Therese and her daughters Alrica and Marie-Josee

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